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The person behind the studio is me, Jana Mordhorst – Freelance artist and designer living and creating in Amsterdam. My aim is to have a positive impact on the world and the people by the work I am doing. Therefore I prioritise sustainable material and responsible interaction with the environment. It is my mission to support projects, ideas and companies who have similar goals and values.

During my Design studies in Germany I got hooked on the simplicity of illustrating moments in a few seconds with a single line. Fascinated by people, their connections and relationships, I take my sketch block to the places where people come together. Therefore I enjoy exhibiting selected drawings regularly in Amsterdam. Besides my artworks I am also offering drawing sessions guiding people to let go of the mind and experience their inner artist.

Starting with fashion design in Denmark I explored the world of fabrics and the creation of garments. Realising it is mainly commercially driven and limited to a few materials, I decided to switch to product design to have greater creative freedom and a bigger field to play on. Next to my product design degree I got an extensive education in graphic design, which I am mainly focusing on now.

I am fluent in German, English and Dutch and am able to work in those languages.

Working together
I like to start a new project with an intake call, which can be on the phone or online. We will talk about what you need and how I can create it. Pease have a look at my Terms & Conditions. Assignment confirmed? Great! I will start to create your design or illustration as soon as possible. In the end I will deliver one or two final versions to complete the work.
Personal and direct communication is important to me to establish an enjoyable collaboration.
Are you excited to work with me? Get in contact with me and we can start brainstorming for your project. 


Freelance artist & designer

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