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Jana, Mordhorst, artist, one line art, amsterdam

I am Jana Mordhorst, freelance artist and designer living and creating in Amsterdam.

Starting with fashion design in Denmark I explored the world of fabrics and the creation of garments. Realising it is mainly commercially driven and limited to a few materials, I decided to switch to product and graphic design to have greater creative freedom and a bigger field to play on. I learned a lot about form, colour and appearance. Especially while I lived in Milan, Italy. After graduating and working as a freelance designer in Germany and the Netherlands, I focused more and more on creating art.

My one line drawing journey started in 2016. During my Design studies in Germany, we had an Illustration class where the initial exercises focused on making sketches with just one continuous line. Captivated by the simplicity of this technique, I found myself unable to resist visualising my surroundings, people, and objects in that way.

Fast forward to today, seven years later, and I find myself living and creating art in the vibrant city of Amsterdam. I continue to craft my art using a single line, whether it's capturing events through live drawings, working on commissioned pieces and exhibitons, or inspiring others through my One Line Drawing Workshops. In all my projects and facilitations I switch fluently between German, Englisch and Dutch.

I am immensely grateful for the path my life has taken. After completing my studies, I made the decision to leave Berlin and make Amsterdam my home. Drawn in by the city's openness, the warmth of its people, its cultural diversity, and the support it offered for my artistic endeavors, I knew it would be a good place to settle.

Looking ahead, my vision is to expand my art and encourage more individuals to break free from limiting beliefs, rediscovering their creative expression through my workshops. I particularly aspire to host One Line Drawing Workshops as team-building activities, believing in their power to foster team growth and personal development.

Personally I wish to live on a house boat, with my own atelier facing the water side.

Are you curious about other skills & projects of mine?

Check out the Project Archive and my Graphic Design Portfolio!

Hoi! Nice to meet you.

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