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Drawing Workshops

Drawing with one continuous line is a fantastic way to break free from limiting thoughts and dive into a creative flow. My program, featuring fun and relaxing exercises, strengthens team connections and encourages self-expression. All ages are welcome, and no prior knowledge is needed. Together, we create an open-minded environment where everyone can express themselves freely. As a special feature, draw along with the live music I create with my clarinet to dive even deeper into fun, connection, and flow.

The workshop is suitable for company parties or team-building events, birthdays, schools, and other groups. You are also invited to join one of my my monthly hosted drawing sessions, if you like to experiance the session on your own.

All ages are welcome, and no prior knowledge is required.


The workshops are designed for 6 to 30 people. However, if the group size needs to be adjusted we will find a way to accommodate your needs.

Duration & program

You can book a short session with a handful of exercises, or you can choose for the full experiance of a  half-day program. The exercises can be customized according to your preferences.


The session can be guided in English, Dutch, or German.


Sustainability is an important value for me. Therefore, I use recycled, environmentally friendly, and high-quality materials.


Group session: Please contact me for a personal offer.
Hosted sessions: Find your ticket here.

Find all information as well in the flyer!

workshop, art workshop, teambuilding workshop, self-development

Visualisation: Designed by ebhy / Freepik

workshop, art workshop, teambuilding workshop, self-development

Learnings and takeaways

  • Communicating and creating with a team

  • Letting go of prejudices and expectations

  • Discovering new aspects of yourself

  • Getting to know the people around you better

  • Practicing presentation skills in a safe space

  • Most important: Having fun!

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