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Workshop at CLOUD

Wednesday 27.09.23

18.30 - 20.00 uur

Prinsengracht 276, Amsterdam

Through a series of amusing, connecting, and surprising exercises, you'll be encouraged to let go of limiting beliefs. Visualize the live music Jana creates with her clarinet and relish the connections you may form with both yourself and the group. Moreover, you'll have the opportunity to explore the art of Veronica Hodges, currently on display at the Cloud Gallery, from entirely fresh perspectives.

This workshop is an exploration of the art of creation, emphasizing hands-on experience over structured instruction. Within a safe and supportive environment, the impulses will encourage you to explore and practice drawing. Don't hesitate to join both workshops, as they offer subtly different experiences.

18:15 Arrival
18:30 Start (Please be there a bit before)
20:00 End

Please secure your ticket before September 25th!

I offer an social ticket of 15€. Please reach out if you don't have the financial resources atm:

One Line drawing for kids

Wednesday 04.10.23

15.30 - 17.00 pm

Jofel, Zonneplein 11 Amsterdam


This drawing workshop I developed especially for kids!
I invite the children to discover their creativity by making drawings with one line through fun and surprising exercises.

To give you an idea about the program:

We make drawings with our eyes closed, open, with the strong and the off hand. I will make live music with my clarinet to let them draw and colour the tunes in a group and by themselves. This makes it not only an enriching creative activity, moreover it is an opportunity to make new friends :)

For who?

The workshop is for kids between 6-12 years.

This workshop will be held in Dutch.

15.15 am Arrival (Please be on time!)
15.00 am Start
17.00 am End


Creating together

Live Drawing Dinner

Friday 03.11.23

19.00 - 21.00 pm


Kometensingel 152a

1033 BZ Amsterdam

Food and art — can it get any better?

Imagine enjoying a delicious vegan dinner while witnessing me capturing you and your friends with one line. Well, then you should come to the Live Drawing Dinner taking place at Cometa this Friday 14th of July from 19-21pm.

The one-liners are immediately showcased in a pop-up gallery, inviting you to explore and perhaps even find yourself in one of my drawings. The artworks will be available for special sale that evening.

Online Drawing Session

Monday 06.11.23

19.00 - 20.00 uur


This online workshop is specially made to let go of your mind and to discover your creativity.

1h to slow down, to let go of expectations and to play with the pen on the paper. I will guide you with meditative, funny and relaxing exercises into the creation of one line drawings. No experience is needed.

Material I ask you to provide
- min. 5x A4 sheets of (copy) paper
- one black fine liner
- colour pencils

I will hold it mainly in English, but if you have struggle with it I can support you in German and Dutch.

By the end of the session you got impulses how to doodle with one line and how to shift the perspective of creating!

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