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Live Drawing

Sunday 25-02-24

14.00 - 17.00 pm

BUNK Amsterdam

Hagedoornplein 2

1031 BV Amsterdam

Treat yourself to the gift of wonder and art with my live drawings.

I will create unique one-line drawings, observing the moment and capturing it with a single line. Curious about the outcome? The one-liners are immediately showcased in a pop-up gallery, inviting you to explore and perhaps even find yourself in one of her drawings. Ultimately, they can be taken home as a gift from BUNK.


Drawing workshop for adults

Wednesday 27.03.24 /

Monday 29.04.24

20.00 - 21.30 pm

BUNK Amsterdam

Hagedoornplein 2

1031 BV Amsterdam

Would you like to slow down and be more creative? ​

The One Line Drawing Workshops are designed to help you explore your creativity by creating drawings with just one line. Jana will guide you through various relaxing and surprising exercises, providing an opportunity to release limiting beliefs and judgment. Accompanied by her live clarinet music, she leads you into a state of relaxation and flow.


Why draw with one line?

Drawing with a single line is an excellent framing tool. It shifts the focus from the end result to the process, immersing participants in moments of joy, playfulness, and trust. ​


For whom?

This workshop is suitable for grown up, with all backgrounds, and expertise levels. No prior drawing experience is necessary. ​


Key Takeaways:

  • Letting go of limiting beliefs and expectations

  • Expressing oneself freely in a safe space

  • Exploring creativity within a group

  • Getting to know the people

  • Having fun!



19.45 pm Arrival

20.00 pm Start (Please be present a bit before the start.)

21.30 pm End

Please secure your ticket at least one day before the worskshop!
Thank you.

Workshop for kids & parents

Saturday 16.03.24
11.30 - 13 pm

Wednesday 03.04.24
14.30 - 16 pm

Jofel, Zonneplein 11 Amsterdam

This drawing workshop I developed especially for kids. I invite the children to discover their creativity by making drawings with one line through fun and surprising exercises. This time it is gonna be extra special, since the parents are invited to join as well :)

To give you an idea about the program:

We make drawings with our eyes closed, open, with the strong and the off hand. I will make live music with my clarinet to let them draw and colour the tunes in a group and by themselves. This makes it not only an enriching creative activity, moreover it is an opportunity to make new friends :)

For who?

The workshop is for kids between 6-12 years and their parents, if they like to join. (Parents can simply by a regular ticket)

This workshop will be held in Dutch.

Please be there 15min before start!

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